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Kellyville Ridge

New to Kellyville Ridge and don’t know who to turn to for home repairs? Look no further! ServiceMasters are the people to go to! Call us at 1800 761 968 and ask what we can do for you.

Plumbing Kellyville Ridge

Does your shower leak every time you flush the toilet? You’d better call ServiceMasters to check out the problem. Our plumbing experts will plug up the leak and check your pipes to solve the issue. We will handle any plumbing issue you have with equal professionalism and charge you a decent rate for every job.

Electrician Kellyville Ridge

Electric shocks are no fun, and neither are the shocks you get from receiving a high electricity bill! ServiceMasters can help you prevent both by checking your home’s electricity system. Our expert electricians will rewire any faulty wires, upgrade you switchboard and install surge protectors to save electricity for you.

Renovations Kellyville Ridge

Want to add an extra floor to your house? Call ServiceMasters and we’ll do the job well, quickly and cost – effectively. Our expert renovators will check in with you throughout the process to ensure your specifications are being met. We’ll charge you an affordable price and you’ll be left beaming at how smoothly the whole experience went.

Carpet Cleaning Kellyville Ridge

ServiceMasters knows keeping house isn’t easy, nor cheap, so we try to take some of the load off by cleaning and sanitizing your carpets for you. We use the best cleaning agents and equipment to ensure the job is done right. And we’ll clean your carpets, not your wallet!

Air-conditioning Kellyville Ridge

Is your air conditioning a little TOO overzealous? Freezing your socks off but can’t turn it down? ServiceMasters will come to your rescue as soon as you call! Our air conditioning experts will know exactly what to do to unfreeze your unit and you, and you won’t freeze at our prices either!

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