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ServiceMasters are here for your every home repair need! Call us at 1800 761 968 today!

Plumbing Hmas Penguin

You need to bathe the children, wash the dished and clean the car … but where’s the water? Call ServiceMasters, we’ll help you get it back on. We’ll also deal with blocked drains and sewers, gas pipe fitting, re-piping, septic tank cleaning, it’s all par for the course to our plumbing experts.

Electrician Hmas Penguin

It’s no mystery that faulty wiring can raise your electricity bill, but did you know that it could also be your switchboard itself? If it’s old and inefficient, it won’t do the job of routing electricity properly. Have Service masters change your switchboard as well as install surge protectors to save you electricity.

Renovations Hmas Penguin

Cut time and cost, not corners and quality, is what we say at ServiceMasters, and we mean what we say. Our expert renovators will also source for the best materials, but keep an eye on costs. At the same time, we won’t skimp on the work, keeping to our highest standards while keeping to your deadline.

Carpet Cleaning Hmas Penguin

Is your child’s runny nose driving you insane? It could be allergies. The carpet traps a lot of allergens and dust in its pile, so send it to ServiceMasters for a wash and sanitization. We’ll banish the bugs with our top quality equipment and child-safe cleaning products and when you get your carpet back, it will be allergen and dust free.

Air-conditioning Hmas Penguin

You enjoy the summer heat outside, but you should escape it when you come inside. If you’re still feeling the heat, your air conditioner needs a fix. ServiceMasters will clean, fix or overhaul your unit. If you need to add another unit, we can find one that best suits your needs and install it for you too.

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