Looking for some home repair experts? ServiceMasters are your best bet. Call 1800 761 968 for our help now!

Plumbing Helensburgh

If your kitchen is flooded, call ServiceMasters over! Our expert plumbers will identify and fix the problem quickly and professionally. Burst pipes, blocked drains, septic tank malfunction, it doesn’t matter what the problem is, we handle it with care, and we charge a reasonable rate for it all.

Electrician Helensburgh

Hefty electricity bills shaking your tree? Call ServiceMasters in. Our expert electricians will upgrade your switchboard, install a surge protector and check for faulty wiring. All in the name of saving you electricity. You’ll be amazed a the change it makes in your next bill, that’s a fact!

Renovations Helensburgh

Feeling bored and listless? Renovate your home with ServiceMasters! We promise you, you won’t regret it. Our expert renovators will work with you all through the project and help you with sourcing quality materials at a low cost, keeping to the specifications and keeping to the deadlines. The result? Things aren’t as dull anymore!

Carpet Cleaning Helensburgh

Your child IS going to eat that M&M that fell into the carpet, so make sure your carpet is clean and sanitised! Send it to ServiceMasters and we’ll clean and sanitize it with the best equipment and cleaning agents you can find. Your carpet will come back to you clean and ready for your child.

Air-conditioning Helensburgh

Summer is coming at last! Exciting as it is, you want to make sure you’re ready for the heat with a well-serviced tip-top condition air conditioner. Our air conditioning experts will clean, fix or overhaul your unit to get it ready, but in case you end up needing another one, we’ll fix it up for you, no problems.

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