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Connells Point

If you live in Connells Point and have a home repair problem, look no further! Call Service Master at 1800 761 968 today!

Plumbing Connells Point

Is water seeping out of your walls? Don’t panic, ServiceMasters will help! We’ll fix the issue just as soon as you call, and help you with any other plumbing problem you might have. We promise you professional service, top quality materials and expert plumbing. And a reasonable fee.

Electrician Connells Point

If you’re suddenly in the dark at 11pm, don’t worry … we’re open 24/7! Expert electricians will be right at your doorstep to fix the issue. Ask us how we can help you save money, and we’ll check your house for faulty wiring, install a surge protector, and upgrade your switchboard. Basically we cater to any electrical requirement.

Renovations Connells Point

A freshly renovated house is a thing of beauty and it’s not hard to achieve this if you work with ServiceMasters on it. Our expert renovators will work with you from design to completion and we’ll get it done on time, with the best materials and at a good price.

Carpet Cleaning Connells Point

Allergies getting you down? The carpet could be the culprit. Send it in to ServiceMasters for a wash and sanitization and when you get it back, you’re guaranteed to feel much better. Our high-end equipment and quality cleaning agents are hypo-allergenic, so we’ve got you covered.

Air-conditioning Connells Point

We need the air conditioner in the sweltering, hot summers, so make sure you get ServiceMasters to check yours before summer rolls along. We’ll clean, fix or overhaul the machine, but if it’s time for a new one, we’ll help you decide which is the most suited to your needs.

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