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Condell Park

Take note, Condell Park! ServiceMasters is the only home repair service you ever need to call, so call us at 1800 761 968!

Plumbing Condell Park

When you call ServiceMasters with a plumbing problem, expect expert plumbers to show up. They can help you with any plumbing emergency, just tell them what the problem is. They know all about plumbing, they can fix it up in no time at all. No fuss, no socks, just quality service and a reasonable price.

Electrician Condell Park

What do you do when your favourite programme is about to air, but your TV is on the fritz? Call ServiceMasters! Our expert electricians will get you TV up and running so you can enjoy your show. Our electricians can also save you some cash, ask them about faulty wiring, old switchboards and surge protectors.

Renovations Condell Park

We all love something new, and what’s better than a newly renovated house? Our team of expert renovators will work side by side with you to achieve your every renovation dream while at the same time keeping your budget and deadline in mind. And we’ll use the best materials because we don’t like shortcuts.

Carpet Cleaning Condell Park

“But I still got my health, what do I care?” Bette Midler sang and true enough health is wealth. Let us keep you healthy by cleaning and sanitizing your floor coverings – anything from carpets to rugs. We banish the bugs with our top quality detergents, and keep them away by sanitizing everything before sending them back to you.

Air-conditioning Condell Park

Feeling all wrung out because of the heat? Maybe you need to check your air conditioner. ServiceMasters will do it for you, and clean, fix or overhaul your unit to get it cooling you down again. And if you still feel you need another one, we’ll get you fixed up with a suitable unit, all at a good price.

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