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Collaroy Beach

ServiceMasters is in town and we offer electrician, renovation, carpet cleaning, air-conditioning as well as plumbing services!

Plumbing Collaroy Beach

Call ServiceMasters and we will help you fix that rusty plumbing. If you have a blockage somewhere, we will deal with that as well. Gas piping fitting, septic tank servicing and basic house plumbing, we’ll handle it all with professionalism, expertise and a low cost, we promise!

Electrician Collaroy Beach

Don’t cause sparks with your husband over the electricity bill, call ServiceMasters at 1800 761 968 and we’ll come and check for faulty wiring. We’ll upgrade your switchboard and install surge protectors too. And if you need us to install, repair or upgrade any electrical appliance, just call us to find out what other electrical services we provide!

Renovations Collaroy Beach

Feeling bored? Renovate your space with ServiceMasters and you won’t be disappointed. Our expert renovators will give you a beautiful new home with no headaches, consulting with you all the way to completion. We’ll look into the materials, costing and timing of the whole project so you won’t have to!

Carpet Cleaning Collaroy Beach

If your children love to sit on the carpet, you’d want to keep it clean and sanitized. Send it to us at ServiceMasters! We’ll use the best equipment and cleaning agents to spruce up your floor coverings and sanitize them for your children’s health. We can tackle any sized carpet, and if you can’t get them to us, we’ll come to you!

Air-conditioning Collaroy Beach

Feeling hot, hot, hot? Get ServiceMasters to check your air conditioner unit. It might need a clean, a service or an overhaul. Either way, we’ll fix you up to cool down again, and if you need a new unit, we can consult with you to get the best one for your needs. Of course we’ll install it too!

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