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Don’t bother looking anywhere else! ServiceMasters is here to tend to your house repair needs!

Plumbing Castle Hill

If you hate wasting water, then you hate leaky pipes. Call us at 1800 761 968 and we’ll deal with the problem immediately. It will avoid wasting money too. Our efficient and knowledgeable plumbing team will deal with any plumbing need you have so you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Electrician Castle Hill

If your electric oven isn’t working, you’d better call ServiceMasters. They’ll come right over and deal with the problem immediately, with the best materials and the best price too. They’ll also advise you on how to save money by checking for and repairing faulty wires, changing your switchboard and installing surge protectors.

Renovations Castle Hill

Ready for a change? Let ServiceMasters help you renovate your house. Our team of experts will do it properly, consulting with you all the way. They’ll source for the best materials and work towards a good price. And, most importantly, they’ll make sure everything is done by the deadline.

Carpet Cleaning Castle Hill

Children love to have tea parties on the carpet, so get it clean for them at ServiceMasters. We use the best equipment and cleaning agents, and we make sure your carpets get back to you sanitized too. We are also equipped to handle expensive collectibles, so don’t worry, it will come back in one piece.

Air-conditioning Castle Hill

Heat got you boiling? Call Service Master to check your air conditioner. It might need a little cleaning, repair or a complete over-haul. Either way, our air conditioner experts will advise you and help you fix any problem. If need be, they’ll help you find a new one suitable for your needs.

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