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Just make one call and ServiceMasters will fix up your plumbing, your electricity issues, or your renovation requirements. Call us today at 1800 761 968 to get a full list of services!

Plumbing Careel Bay

Being driven crazy by dripping taps and leaky faucets? Call ServiceMasters now! We’ll fix the problems up and give you back your sanity. We also deal with septic tanks, blockages and gas fittings, any job is doable for our expert plumbers. They’ll do the best work with the best materials at the best price.

Electrician Careel Bay

Why was your last electricity bill so high? It might be a faulty wire. ServiceMasters’ expert electricians can find and fix the problem, so call us to come help you. Switching switchboards and fixing surge protectors that might also have been leaching your energy are also our speciality, so don’t forget to ask us about it.

Renovations Careel Bay

Want to change your rooms around to make way for a new baby? Congratulations! We’ll make sure your renovation job goes smoothly and in a stress-free way so that your baby can arrive into a beautiful spacious home that’s been done up with the best materials in experts hands.

Carpet Cleaning Careel Bay

Everybody loves to be healthy, but did you know that your carpet might be making you sick? Get it cleaned now by ServiceMasters and you’ll never have to worry about it again. We have the best equipment and detergents to ban the bugs. We can tackle any sized carpet, and we definitely do it for a good price.

Air-conditioning Careel Bay

Summer can heat things up a little too much, so let us make sure your air conditioner is running just right to cool you down fast. It might just need a cleaning or a complete overhaul, we’ll handle anything with the best materials and expertise. And if your air conditioner isn’t enough, we can help you find and install a new one.

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