Call ServiceMasters and we’ll be right there to fix your home repair problems, we guarantee it!

Plumbing Canterbury

Our plumbing experts will solve any leaky mysteries and save you on water bills. We’ll also unblock mysterious blockages and re-pipe your house to solve any disappearing water puzzles. Rest assured they are experts and will use the best quality materials. And they’ll do it for a reasonable price, that’s no mystery.

Electrician Canterbury

Electricity can sap mysterious energy out too, so call our expert electricians at 1800 761 968 to come to the scene of the crime and discover the culprits. They’ll rewire, fix surge protectors and change your switchboard to make sure the culprit stays behind bars. These detectives don’t charge high rates, you can be sure of that!

Renovations Canterbury

Don’t cut corners and quality, cut time and cost! That is basically our expert renovators’ motto here at ServiceMasters. We’ll guide and update you on the job from the beginning to the end, which we guarantee that we’ll reach on time. While the best materials will be used, the price will be kept down.

Carpet Cleaning Canterbury

A healthy family is a happy family and Service Master can achieve that for you by cleaning your carpets, big or small. We’ll use the best equipment and cleaning agents and sanitize your carpet too so that your children can sit freely on the soft, fluffy carpet.

Air-conditioning Canterbury

A hot summer’s day calls for a cool, efficient air conditioner, so what do you do if yours isn’t running properly? Call ServiceMasters to fix the problem and we’ll do it, no mess, no fuss. We’ll help you clean the machine too, if need be. And, as usual, price is not an issue.

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