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Canley Vale

We’ll come straight to your doorstep at any time of the day to help you with your household repairs. Why? Because we’re ServiceMasters!

Plumbing Canley Vale

Kept up at night by that dripping sound? ServiceMasters will find the problem! We look into everything from basic plumbing to sewer and drain blockages. We’ll even re-pipe your house, there’s no job too big or small. We always offer professional service, a good fee and good materials.

Electrician Canley Vale

Day or night, it makes no difference to us. If you need an electrician, we’ll be right there. Our team of experts make sure your electricity is back on track, and if we find a faulty wire, we’ll get right to it. We can also fix surge protectors for you, and change your switchboard. Just ask us for a full list of services.

Renovations Canley Vale

Our expertise will always go into a renovation job, big or small. If you want to tear down the whole thing and start over, we’ll do it! If you just want to move a wall, we’ll do it too! Our experts will consult with you on cost, time and materials every step of the way so that you know you’ll be getting the best.

Carpet Cleaning Canley Vale

Got pets? Then you need to clean your carpet regularly. Much as we all love our furry friends, think of all the fur and allergens they’re depositing into your carpet! ServiceMasters will get it all out with our quality cleaning equipment and top-grade cleaning agents. We’ll also sanitize your carpet for your good health.

Air-conditioning Canley Vale

Boiling over because your air conditioner isn’t cool? Time to call service Masters at 1800 761 968. Our air conditioner experts will identify and fix the problem, and give the machine a clean too. If you still need to cool down, we can advise you on the best model for your house, and install it at a good price.

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