We are in Bondi, and we are here to help.
Plumbing problems, pipe leaks or broken sewer? No problem. We can repair your home fast and efficient. Ask us and we will answer. Our phones are open 24/7 only for your issue.

Plumbing Bondi

Plumbing can be very messy and frustrating. If you call us do the job, we will be happy to help, because that will make you feel happy and you will not have an accident. We got a large variety of services. Call us now and ask questions and we will answer.

Electrician Bondi

We possess the technically advanced equipment and expertise to handle all residential and commercial projects. We strive to provide quality projects at the best prices. Our employees will finish in time and efficient. We are licensed and care for your protection.

Renovations Bondi

If you start to hate your old rooms, we can come and change it. Or add to your house. Or modernize it. Apartments, studios or mansions, we can handle. Call us so we can help.

Carpet Cleaning Bondi

If you want a new carpet but still like the old one, tell us that. Our modern tools can handle every type of carpets. Does not matter how dirty or stained it is. We can clean every carpet even if it is Persian carpet or oriental.

Air-conditioning Bondi

We provide residential air conditioning that will suit all manner of homes and lifestyles at a higher quality. Another service is installing and repairing fans in your own home so you can enjoy the summer time without the heat. You will help yourself by calling us.

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