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Need help with plumbing issues? Look no further! ServiceMasters will get the job done for you. We also offer electrician, renovation, carpet cleaning and air-conditioning services.

Plumbing Beverley Park

Call ServiceMasters at 1800 761 968 and we will come and see where that pesky leak is coming from. We’ll also service septic tanks, unblock sewers or drains and fit gas piping for you. It’s all done with professionalism, expertise and a low cost, we promise!

Electrician Beverley Park

When the electricity goes out it’s a huge hassle. We’re here to remove the hassle and return your lights! ServiceMasters offers expert electricians who will identify and fix electricity leaks, upgrade your switchboard or install, repair or upgrade any electrical appliance. Call us to find out what other electrical services we provide!

Renovations Beverley Park

Sometimes rearranging your living space helps revive you, so if you want a new outlook on life, call ServiceMasters and we’ll come help you get a fresh start with your house. Be it small renovations or large-scale makeovers, we’ll always give you expert service at a good price, and we’ll always make sure it’s all done on time.

Carpet Cleaning Beverley Park

When was the last time you cleaned your carpet? It can get very dirty with all your family’s comings and goings, so call ServiceMasters to help you clean and sanitise your living room showpiece with their up-to-date equipment and family-friendly detergents. Don’t worry if your showpiece is a family heirloom! We have the know-how to handle it with care.

Air-conditioning Beverley Park

A nice cool air conditioner is what you need during those hot summer days, but they can only be cool if they are working properly. Our air conditioner experts will make sure your air conditioners are in the best shape to keep you cool by repairing them on the spot. We also offer installation services.

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